Pupils in East Lothian have their say about school

Enquire gave some first years the chance to have a say on our blog this week. These guys get learning support at a school in East Lothian. Here are some of their ideas about ways that school could be made better….

  • “I like everything in school. I think we should get a bit more time at break and lunch and in learning support.”
  • “The school should let everyone out early. We should have more computers, in the art department you have to share sometimes.”
  • “My favourite subjects are English and Information Technology.  I wish we could type at all times instead of handwriting. I wish the school would get a big football pitch. I think it was good for me to come to learning support.”

Got something to say about how school could be made better? Want to share your views on the support that’s helped you? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with Enquire and have your say.


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