Get advice on coping with bullying: Films and a leaflet from Respect Me

Want advice about what to do if you’re being bullied?

Then check out this new leaflet ‘Bullying – what can I do?’. The leaflet was made by Respect Me after they’d spoken to young people to find out their views. It was put together with help from Childline. It looks at the different choices that you have if you are being bullied, and has some good tips like ‘don’t bottle things up’ and ‘keep a diary of what happens’. You can get the leaflet from the Respect Me website.

Would you rather watch something than read a leaflet?

Then check out the short films made by young people on Respect Me’s You Tube channel. One of their most popular films is called Andy’s Story. It looks at how respect and fear impact on young people’s friendships at school.

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