Congratulations to the schools’ art competition winners at the National Gallery

For one of the coolest shows at the Edinburgh Festival, check out the school art competition winners at the National Gallery in Edinburgh. The art is by school pupils of all ages – from nursery up to secondary.

And there is so much talent! It is hard to tell the difference between this art and the art hanging upstairs in the gallery, which sells for millions of pounds 🙂

Enquire have been lucky enough to get our hands on some of the winners’ art to add to our gallery Your Views.

So thank you and congratulations to the following young people who are now on our gallery: Pupils at Stanecastle school, for their group effort on this picture above. And in the special schools category – Sylwia Kolanka, Richard Muir, Ayesha Chappell.

You can find out more about the art exhibition on the website for the National Galleries of Scotland. The exhibition is on until 15 October.

You can also find out how to enter next year’s schools’ art competition at this weblink.

1st Place by Sylwia Kolanka

2nd place Richard Muir

3rd place Ayesha Chappell

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