Caring for someone at home? You’re not alone.

Did you know? There may be up to 30 young carers in every secondary school in the UK. And shockingly, it may be that over two thirds of them are being bullied. That’s according to a new campaign by young carers.

A young carer is someone who helps to support someone in their family who is unwell or who has disabilities. As a young carer, you might help out with the housework and the shopping and look after your brothers and sisters. You might also help the person who you care for to look after themself.

Whatever it is that is keeping you busy as a young carer, it might mean that you find it hard to keep up with homework and get to school on time. When you’re in lessons you might be worrying about whoever it is you care for. And you might be missing out on chances to hang out with your friends and go on school trips.

If you’re a young carer and you’re having issues at school, you may need some extra support. You can call or email Enquire to find out more about your rights to get extra support at school. If you feel too shy to call or email us, then get an adult to do it for you. You could also check out the guides on our website, as there’s lots of helpful advice in them.

To find out more about the young carer’s campaign, watch this short film:

Also, look at this clip from GMTV. It shows a film about the day in the life of a young carer. It also has an interview with the Princes Royal Trust for Carers.

If you want more info about the young carers’ campaign, visit their website here.

If you’re a young carer, there’s a discussion forum and lots of helpful advice on

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