More children and young people in Scotland each year experience a parent going to prison than a parent’s divorce.

It can be a hard time for a young person whose parent is in prison. You might really miss having them around. Or you might feel huge relief if you have faced violence or abuse from them. You may be feeling mixed up, struggling with feelings about them being a ‘bad’ person.

Some young people with a parent in prison may go to live with relatives or foster carers. Some young people may also have to change schools – which Enquire knows can be stressful time for young people. If you have recently changed schools or are about to do so, check out our young people’s guide ‘Going to Secondary School‘ for advice.

With all these different feelings and changes in your life, you may need some support at school. You might find it hard to tell your teacher what has happened. If you do tell them it will help them to support you though.

You may also be worried about your school friends finding out. You could talk to your teacher about this. Remember that it is NEVER acceptable for anyone to bully you. If you are being bullied, please tell someone you trust, like your fave teacher or a family member.

For advice about your rights to get extra support at school if you need it, please get in touch with Enquire. You can email us or call our helpline on 0845 123 2303.

If you’re being bullied and/or are having a hard time because a family member has gone to prison, remember you can contact Childline for help and advice – 0800 11 11. You could also check out their website which has advice about Crime and the Law.

Last but not least, to find out more about what it’s like to have a parent in prison, check out these stories by Families Outside, which supports people affected by someone in their family being in prison: Jenny’s Story and Emma’s story. Families Outside also run a helpline if you want advice and info 0500 839 383.

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