Fame! Get your art put online

Howdy blog readers,

Enquire have got a cool new online gallery where you can upload your photos and pictures. I am really looking forward to hearing from you budding artists out there. We’ve already had some fab pictures sent in by Anna, a girl who recently won an art competition. The gallery is called Your Views – check it out here.

It’s really important when you’re deciding which photos to send in to think about how to stay safe online. One tip is to only show photos that you are happy for anyone to see now and in the future. For other tips, see Enquire’s webpage on how to be safe online.

The Scottish Government have got a new competition about staying safe online. They’re offering a fancy video camera to the winner, and the chance to have art shown to people all over Scotland. To enter the competition you need to create an artwork like a poster, do some creative writing, or come up with a dance or a film about staying safe online. You can find out more about how to enter the competition here.

Last but not least, here’s an idea for a photo you could upload to the Enquire gallery. Download our trusty friend Zod and take a photo with him, Your challenge if you chose to accept it is to try and strut your stuff more than this young lady in the photo.

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