Dear blog readers, I’m back!

Dear blog readers

So sorry not to have written on the blog for a while. I have been really busy! Enquire had a big event in Inverness last Tuesday. Lots of teachers, politicians and youth workers came to it.

At the event some young people did a drama they had made about young carers and the extra help they may need at school.

A young carer is someone aged under 18 who gives care, assistance or support to a person in their family. There are lots of reasons why that person might need the young carer’s help.┬áMaybe they have a disability, or mental health issues, or problems with drugs and alcohol.

Enquire also showed an animation cartoon at the event in Inverness. The animation was made by some young people from ethnic minority backgrounds. It was about racist bullying in school.

So now you see why I have not had time to write! I have really enjoyed working with the young people who made the animation and drama. Hopefully we can put the drama and animation on the website so you can see them too. Watch this space!



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