If you had to write 100 words about why reading is cool, what would you say?

This question was recently asked to young people all over the UK in a competition by Childline and Spinebreakers, the website for teenage book lovers. I’m delighted to say that one of the top 3 winners was a Scottish lass called Molly Lambert, who goes to school in Edinburgh.

How cool! Congratulations Molly 😉 

You can read Molly’s story on the Spinebreakers website. 

As a prize winner, Molly also got to have her story made into a short film read by Rick Edwards. Rick is a tv presenter on Channel 4’s T4. You can watch the film here

 It’s important to remember that lots of people find it difficult to read books. A bit of extra support can really help to make reading easier.  So if you’re feeling worried about your reading, don’t keep quiet – tell someone! Tell your parents, or your fave teacher, or get in touch with Enquire. 


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