Race for the Whitehouse

The Obama Family


On the 5th November, their was elections in America to decide who is going to become the next president of America. The two in the running were Barack Obama (Democrat) and John McCain (Republican).  It was record breaking for the amount of voters because they did lots of campaignes and Obama’s campaigne was a crazy amount of money, possibly the most spent ever and the campaignes were attractive to the young people (as it was mainly younger people who voted for him) because he has a good personality and talked a lot of sense.

McCain i thought was a little bit to old to be a president and he had also had skin cancer in the past and could reoccur and his vice president was Sara Palin and she doesn’t have a presidential look and she was not ready if he died. 

At the end it was Obama was the victor and I became very excited because i think he will become a better president than George Bush and i think the young people are happy for Obama too. Obama’s daughters are to become the youngest people to live in the white house since Amy Carter and used to like rollerblading around the white house who was nine, Obama’s daughters Malia who is ten and Sasha who is seven.

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  1. amelina says:

    Hi Krissy
    This is a great blog entry – its amazing how everyone of all ages has been gripped by the US elections. I love the story about the daughter of President Carter roller-skating in the White House! I wonder what fun and games Maila and Sasha will get up to!

    What do you other readers think about the elections? Have you been talking about it at school in your lessons at all?

  2. weemacd says:

    In Barack Obama’s speech when he won, he said he would get them a puppy! I think it must be strange for them to think their Dad is going to be the President of America (but I think they’ll be happy about getting a dog!).

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