warhammer Wood Elves

This some Imformation on warhammer wood elves that I found on the Internet because I’m Interested in it. The wood Elves are manly a missile type army not a close combat army. I pefer a close combat army.  Does anyone else pefer this type

South of the gray moutains lies the woods of Athel loren, home of the tree spirits.  Long ago the High Elves abandoned their cities in the Old World to return to their island home of Ulthuan. Some, however, stubbornly stayed, unwilling to leave their forest behind. These are the ancestors of the Wood Elves, who still live in the enchanted forest realm of Athel Loren. 

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  1. amelina says:

    Thanks for this starwars, really fab to see you on the blog again. Which place do you think is better for the High Elves to live? The forest or the island of Ulthuan? The forest sounds enchanting but are there other creatures living there that might endanger the Elves?

    Please leave comments any other readers who are fans of Warhammer too!

  2. weemacd says:

    Hey starwars, nice to see you blogging again.

    Have you started collecting a Warhammer army yet?

  3. woody says:

    I really like woods

  4. amelina says:

    Dear Woody

    Welcome to the Enquire blog! Totally cool to hear from you. What is it you like about woods? I like the way the light shines through the trees. It looks magical. I often think I see an elf out of the corner of my eye when I am in a wood.

    Do write again. What are your plans for Christmas?


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