Book Review Of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

The book I enjoy reading is Charlie And The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.
I like the book because of the charecters and the plot of the story. My favourite character is Charlie Bucket.
The book is about a chocolatetier called Willy Wonka and one day thought of putting 5 golden tickets in 5 bars of chocolate. One of them gets a special prize at the end.
The book is for everyone at any age because they will think of the same stuff in their heads as a child. The sort of interests will be liking Roald Dahl books and practically chocolate.
The author had written lots of books for example Matilda, The Twits and The Witches.
The book has been made into a film 2 times, one 1971 and the most recent one 2005 staring Johnny Depp.charlie book cover

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6 Responses to Book Review Of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

  1. starwars says:

    It is diffrent from the film

  2. weemacd says:

    Hi starwars

    You’re right – that often happens doesn’t it? Sometimes I don’t like seeing a film of a book I really love ‘cos they change it. Do you have a favourite book?

  3. weemacd says:

    Hi krissy123

    Well done with this blog post – you worked hard on it and answered all the questions I suggested. That’s a good description of the plot – it will get people interested and it doesn’t give too much away! Give yourself 80 points!

  4. krissy123 says:

    Starwars, In films they don’t always use the same exact layout they use in a book. And they always change the plot and take chunks out of the book.

  5. lolla says:

    its a great book full of many amazng scenes and wonderful things also its quite interesting and i advise everyone to read it especially little ones.roal dahl has a unique style in writing that attracts the reader to it, it involves u into the story and hopefully u gonna enjoy it

  6. amelina says:

    Hi Lolla, really nice to hear from you. Has anyone read any of Roald Dahl’s other books? Mathilda is a good one, about a girl with extra special abilities like lifting up objects without touching them, just by looking at them. Know any other characters from books and films with super powers?

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