What’s the point of blogging? (or maybe just this blog?)

I’ve been asked this by one of our regular authors. I think there’s lots of good points about blogging, and I’ve got lots of hopes for this blog. It’s all quite new for me too, so I might add to this as I go along, but here’s what I think…

Good points for people who want to visit the website

  • the blog gets updated a lot, which makes it more interesting to visit, and means you can get up-to-date news
  • you can write comments, so you can join in
  • it’s a chance to find out about other young people’s views and experiences
  • you can use it to practice getting your point across – good for the next time you need to go to a review meeting, or talk to your teacher about something
  • you can use it to get advice from Enquire and other people who visit the blog (click here to find out about ways to contact Enquire)
  • hopefully lots of people will link to the blog, which means more people will find out about Enquire, and get the advice and info they need.

Good points for the blog authors

  • it stores our posts, so it will help us keep track of things we’ve done, and our ideas and plans
  • we can learn from what other people say about our posts
  • we can use it to show other people what we’ve done, and tell them our ideas
  • it’s good practice in communicating with people – good for our CV’s and life generally
  • it’s a chance to show off good work!
  • if we give some good stuff to other people, we might get some good stuff back, like nice comments, or someone answering a question we’ve asked, or telling us something really good we didn’t know about.

Not everyone in the world things blogging is a good idea. But lots of people love it!

Ewan McIntosh is a teacher who loves blogging so much he’s helping schools across Scotland and beyond learn how to get involved. Click here to go to the podcast made by pupils from Hope Primary School in Shropshire when they interviewed Ewan about blogging.

What do you think about blogging?

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  1. Chaliits says:

    Awesome post. Keep writing. I add your site to my favorites ;)

  2. amelina says:

    Dear Chaliits

    So glad you like the blog. Keep writing comments its awesome to hear from you.

    From Amelina at Enquire

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