Photo Competition for Young Carers

A young carer is a young person who gives a lot of help to a relative who has an illness, a disability, a mental health problem or a substance misuse problem.

It can feel good to help, but it can also be hard. It can mean not having enough time for homework, meeting friends or relaxing. Some young carers are so worried about their relative that they miss school to take care of them. It can mean you don’t get much attention, and maybe have to look after yourself more. And it can be really worrying and scary if the person you care for is ill. It can be hard to tell other people about what’s going on at home.

YC Net is a website with loads of info for young carers. There’s a discussion board and regular chats in the chatroom, so you can talk to other young carers and the staff who are there to help.

Zoom! photo competition

If you’re a young carer (under 18) you can enter the Zoom! photo competition for Carers Week. You can find out more about this from the Zoom! post on the YC Net discussion board and from the Zoom! page on the Carers Week website, or email There’s top prizes, but don’t wait too long – entries need to be in by 24 May! Good luck 🙂

Don’t forget how Enquire can help!

If you’re falling behind with your school work, you can phone or email Enquire to find out how your school might be able to help. We won’t tell anyone else you contacted us, unless you are not safe (then we would tell someone whose job is to help you, because we’d be worried about you).

Click here to find out more about contacting Enquire.

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