Bringing rights alive! Calderside Academy Barriers to Learning report

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Two fourth year students from Calderside Academy have produced a report called Barriers to Learning which aims to make teachers aware of the difficulties some pupils can face in class. The report came about after Robbie Clark and Adam Spence took part in … Continue reading

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When Mr Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan

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Enquire was excited to meet author Brian Conaghan recently to talk about his fantastic book When Mr Dog Bites. The book features an utterly brilliant main character Dylan Mint who is not only coping with the ups, downs and mishaps of being a teenager… but also of having Tourette’s Syndrome.

The book details Dylan’s battle to deal with the tricky stuff – the swearing, the tics and the howling dog that seems to escape whenever he is stressed. To top it off Dylan discovers, after overhearing a conversation between his doctor and his mother, that he only has a short time to live. Continue reading

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New artwork for our collection!

Secondary girl MAR croppedWe hHeadphone boy FEB 2ave been lucky enough to work with a young artist Maja who has developed some great new artwork for us to use in our guides and on our website.

We love the new drawings and would like to say a big thanks to Maja for all her hard work.  Thanks also to Arthritis Care in Scotland who have supported Maja.



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Meet Cameron Stewart, a brilliant young artist

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Cat, Enquire’s Development Officer, had the exciting job in June of judging the Tesco Bank Art Competition for Schools. Over 7,000 pictures were sent in from schools across Scotland. Cat was asked to judge the Special Education Category. She was very pleased to … Continue reading

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Project Ability – Young Talent!

We always love getting an email from Project Ability telling us their fantastic Young Talent showcase is taking place soon. The 2015 show kicks off on 3rd September.

Each year Young Talent shines a spotlight on fantastic artwork by children and young people from the Create Programme, which has been running for an amazing 15 years!!

The Create programme works with children and young people with disabilities in loads of different ways including painting, drawing, sculpture and film. This year the show includes work from 2 projects – the Saturday Visual Arts Programme for children and young people aged 5-21 and the Art Matters Programme for young people aged 21-28.

To see the show visit Project Ability Gallery, Trongate 103, G1 5HD. It’s on until the 24th October so plenty time to see it. You can find out more about Project Ability on their website.


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How to get confident and stay that way!

Young Scot Logo

Young Scot Logo

Young Scot have posted a great interview on their website with Sue McGillivray, a life coach who is based in Glasgow. If you are a young person who is a bit shy or would just like to be a bit more confident why not have a read.

Sue provides some useful tips like writing down ten things that you like about yourself and trying not to compare yourself to other people. They seem really simple but they’re all about believing in yourself!

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Your chance to speak up about therapy treatment for Cerebral Palsy

Colin Young researchIf you are a young person with cerebral palsy (CP), Colin Young, a research assistant at Glasgow University, who also has CP, would love to hear about your experiences of any treatment therapies you have had. His research would involve him talking to you about your experiences and recording the discussion and everything you say will of course be strictly confidential.
If you think you’d like to be part of Colin’s research, contact him by email at: or on 07988724449.

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Young Carers in the news!

Carers_trail1It’s Carers Week this week and to celebrate there are lots of exciting things happening across Scotland.

An Edinburgh group of young carers, with help from the Young Carers Project, created a fantastic art trail across the city.

The trail includes loads of great artwork including street art, poetry and sculpture. If you want to follow the trail, you’ve got until Friday 12th June. If you want to have a closer look find the route here.

Fife Young Carers FilmOver the bridge, Fife Young Carers launched a film to highlight some of the ways that being a young carer can affect your life. It also explains the help and support Fife Young Carers project can provide. Click to watch the film.

WELL DONE to all the young people involved. Brilliant work!


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Teenagers in foster care are being moved too many times

An organisation called The Fostering Network have looked at how many times teenagers who live with foster carers (carers who are not family members) are moved around.

The findings show that teenagers move from foster family to foster family quite a lot. (40% of teenagers are already with their third family).  Some teenagers have been with more than six families. It’s a problem for younger children in foster care too.

LAC GuideMoving between foster families can be upsetting and can make going to school really hard especially if you are worried about where you are going to stay or have to move schools. It can be hard to keep up with school work but also keep in touch with your friends and family.

Enquire has a guide for young people who are looked after which explains your rights to support in school if you need it.  It explains what type of support you might get and what to do if you think you need a bit of extra help.


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Another person’s drinking affecting you? Meet A.D.A.M

ADAM-Main-HeaderIf somebody in your family drinks a lot, it can make things hard at home but it can also affect how you get on at school. It can be really difficult to concentrate in class if you’re worried about what’s happening at home. It can be tough to get homework done if you have to look after younger members of your family or if people are fighting.

There is now a new website for  young people who are affected by somebody else’s drinking.  It’s called A.D. A. M (it stands for Another’s Drinking Affects Me) and it has loads of helpful advice and  stories from young people who’ve gone through the same thing. For example, Amy shares her story about how her dad’s drinking affected her:

“When my Dad got drunk I would get scared and when he didn’t come home, I would worry something really bad would happen. One day at school I just broke down. I ended up speaking to a teacher about what happened at home.”

A.D.A.M. has lots of helpful tips about things you can do that might help and places you can go to for help and support.


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