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Soar – Helping young people cope with losing a loved one

If somebody close to you dies, it can be really hard to cope with losing them. Gennifer Graham, who’s 19 and lives in Stirling, knows exactly what it feels like to lose someone special; her best friend Eilidh died of … Continue reading

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“How autism freed me to be myself” by Rosie King

We spotted this fantastic video by Rosie King, a young spokeswoman for autism in the UK, who talks about what it feels like to be autistic and how it has affected her at school. Rosie shares what she thinks are some … Continue reading

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Stand up and speak out against homophobia

LGBT Youth Scotland has kicked off a new campaign to help people stand up and speak out about homophobic bullying. Their new video  “Shh! Silence helps homophobia  shows a day in the life of Jamie who puts up with insults and abuse about his … Continue reading

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Deaf? Want to try judo?

Ever thought of giving judo a go? If you are deaf and over 8 years old, Judo Scotland are offering FREE judo sessions every Saturday from 15 November to 6 December with a qualified deaf coach. Find out more from NDCS .

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The Teenage Guide to Stress

This week on the blog, award-winning writer Nicola Morgan talks to Enquire about her book The Teenage Guide to Stress .   So Nicola, what’s the book all about?   I think the whole book is summed up in the phrase ‘you are not alone, talk to someone … Continue reading

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Disability Football Squad gives young people ”the confidence that they truly can do anything they want”

One of the keys to Curriculum for Excellence is that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. With the right support, all sorts of learning experiences and achievements can help you to flourish in life. A good example of learning beyond the classroom … Continue reading

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Wellbeing for young scots – what does it mean to you? New Scottish Government website

What does wellbeing mean to you? The Scottish Government ran a competition recently, asking young people to share their views about wellbeing through art, poems, stories and other writing. The 12 young winners now have their awesome contributions featured in this new website called Wellbeing for Young Scots. The website also explains about how there’s a new law in … Continue reading

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Starting at high school is a big change, especially when your primary only has 23 pupils in the whole school

Moving to high school is a big change, especially when you live in the countryside and have been going to a really small primary school with only a few other children. This week on the blog, 12 year old Luke … Continue reading

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Teapot Trust art groups are making hospital easier for hundreds of children

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Waiting around in hospitals to see doctors and get test results can get pretty boring, especially when you have to do it often. You might also feel scared or worried about your health and about the treatments that you need … Continue reading

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27,000 children and young people have a family member in prison – hear from some of them about what it’s like

Did you know that every year 27,000 children and young people have to cope with someone in their family being in prison? That is even more than the number of you each year who see their parents get divorced.   … Continue reading

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