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Your Voice on Education – Scottish Youth Parliament guest blog

Another fab blog from MSYP Aqeel, the young Convener of the Education and Lifelong Learning Committee for the Scottish Youth Parliament. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Aqeel!
SYP Education Committee Jan 2016 blog
AQEEL: “The Education Committee has been busy over the last couple of months. At our last committee meeting, at SYP’s 59th National Sitting, in the Scottish Borders, we discussed our initial Additional Support for Learning research results, our recent Continue reading

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School of thought – 5 ways the new government could make schools better for young people in Scotland

The Scottish Elections are coming up next week, and if you’re 16 years old or over then you have the right to vote. This is such an exciting chance for you to use your voice and have a say in how Scotland should be run!
There are lots of youth orgs with manifestos that set out goals for the new government that will make life better for young people in Scotland. A lot of the manifestos call for politicians to do more to make sure that all young people in Scotland get Continue reading

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New film about one girl’s story of being bullied for having problems reading

Did you know that Albert Einstein the genius scientist was considered dyslexic?  Just one of the things I learnt from watching a wonderful new film called Judged, by I am me Scotland. The film is about one girl’s story of what it’s like to have dyslexia and get bullied at school for not being able to read out loud in class. “I was always scared I would get picked. You see, being dyslexic doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I’m actually really clever…it Continue reading

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Chronic illness – why me? Young people at the Teapot Trust have their say

‘Why me? Why can’t I just be normal?’
‘Will I cope – how bad will it get? Will I get better?’ 
‘Will I be able to have a family? Will I be able to get a job?’
‘Does it define me? Who am I? I am sporty… I like cooking… I am not just sick!’
teapot trust mind map 2
These are some of the thoughts shared with Enquire by young people who have chronic illnesses  – serious Continue reading

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Young champions for pupils with autism have their say on the blog, plus how you too can share your views

AP riverside gang group picSpecial guests on the blog this week, pupils from Riverside Primary in Stirling who act as mentors and champions for people with autism at their school. 
Autism is a condition that can affect how a person talks and listens to other people, how they learn and how they make friends. You can watch this ace Fixers film to find out more. 
“We are the AP Gang from Riverside Primary School Continue reading

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What does the new law called the Education (Scotland) Act mean for young people in Scotland?

for education bill blog mar 16
The Scottish Government want to make sure that Scotland is the best place for you to grow up in. They want every single one of you to have the best chance to do well at school and get the most out of your learning. That’s why they have made a new law, called the Education (Scotland) Act. This new law covers lots of different things.
For example, Continue reading

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Young speakers ‘steal the show’ at the Enquire conference 2016

Hats off to the amazing young people who took part in the Enquire conference in Stirling yesterday. They really stole the show!
First up, Zoe and Caitlin, whose volunteering efforts for See Me and Aye Mind have even attracted the attention of the royals Kate and Wills, spoke about how digital media impacts on young people’s mental health. While they felt that social media had its downsides like online trolls, cyber bullying, pro-anorexia blogs and negative posts being Continue reading

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Pupils speak out: how anxiety affects you at school

Louise Comfort Zone blog Feb 16Louise is a young person from Falkirk on a campaign to help teachers get better at supporting pupils with anxiety. After her own struggle with anxiety, Louise ended up dropping out of school. She wants to make sure other young people don’t end up taking that route.
“It was a very confusing feeling. I didn’t really know what was going on,” explains Louise.  “In school I often felt trapped, which caused Continue reading

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Scottish Youth Parliament guest blogger: “we want Scotland’s young people to be happy and successful learners”.

SYP Education Committee Jan 2016 blogIn this guest blog by MSYP Aqeel Ahmed, he shares about some research that the Scottish Youth Parliament are doing to find out about innovative ways that schools are supporting children and young people to make sure they are ‘happy and successful learners’.
The Scottish Youth Parliament’s Education and Lifelong Learning Committee have developed surveys, and we plan to conduct focus groups to gather the Continue reading

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Back to school… Got January Blues?

Hello dear blog readers
So it’s back to school this week… Easy to get the January Blues after the Christmas holidays and what with all this grey rainy weather. If you’re feeling really down about school, or anxious about exams coming up, remember you’re not alone. You can contact Enquire to get advice about support that might help. And if you want to share your emotions with a counsellor, childline are always ace people to talk to either Continue reading

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